Attachment III

Summaries of Adverse Reaction Reports of People who Consumed Olestra

#7-185 [10/29/01] A 50-year-old woman reported severe gas and cramps. She eliminated caffeine, chocolate, carbonated beverages, and more in an attempt to pinpoint the cause of her symptoms, to no avail. Finally, she discontinued eating Fat Free Pringles and all of her gastrointestinal symptoms disappeared. She was ready to go to the E.R. due to pain. She subsequently made an appointment with a GI doctor to have a colonoscopy.

#7-181 [9/28/01] A 37-year-old man reported simultaneous “violent” vomiting and “projectile” bowel movements approximately 14 hours after eating about one ounce of Wow potato chips. He became very dizzy and cold. His wife rushed him to the emergency room where his temperature registered only 92 degrees. He was diagnosed with hypothermia and was temporarily unconscious. He was given I.V. fluids and warm blankets.

#7-170 [8/26/01] A 31-year-old male reported severe vomiting and stomach cramps after eating 12 Original Fat Free Pringles chips. He fainted and threw up at a wedding in which he was a groomsman.

#7-169 [8/26/01] A 25-year-old woman reported severe cramping in her stomach, to the point where she could not stand up straight. She had eaten almost an ounce of Doritos Wow Nacho Cheesier chips. She described almost having a car accident due to stomach pain.

#7-152 [7/15/01] A 37-year-old woman reported severe diarrhea, fecal urgency, and abdominal cramps after eating Original and Sour Cream and Onion Fat Free Pringles. She was driving when the pain started and could not get off the road in time to get to the bathroom before the diarrhea began. She had 5 children in her van who were frightened.

#7-151 [7/13/01] A 32-year-old woman reported severe gas and abdominal cramping after consuming Fat Free Pringles. It occurred on her left side under her lungs and caused her to have difficulty taking deep breaths.

#7-149 [7/13/01] A 23-year-old woman reported severe loose stools, fecal urgency, gas, and cramps. She had been eating Tostitos with olestra for a couple of days and reported “not feeling well.” She attributed the symptoms to the chips when she had stools with yellow-orange oil in them and was concerned it was blood. She contacted Frito-Lay who informed her that this occurrence was “normal” and there was no need for alarm. She had to leave work due to the numerous symptoms.

#7-140 [6/20/01] A 32-year-old woman reported eating a few Wow Lays Regular potato chips and subsequently felt a tightening in her throat, thickness in her tongue, and difficulty swallowing. Her husband drove her to the emergency room where she was treated for an allergic reaction to Wow potato chips. This was the first allergic reaction to food she had ever experienced; she continues to suffer from throat problems.

#7-119 [5/8/01] A 30-year-old woman reported severe diarrhea and pain on her right side after eating Wow potato chips. She was taken to the emergency room where she was checked for gallstones but was found to have none. She reported the pain to be so severe she could not care for her child. She continues to have occasional reoccurrences of pain.

#7-117 [4/25/01] A 26-year-old woman reported becoming extremely ill after consuming a handful of chips containing olestra. She was taken to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery to remove a portion of her colon.

#7-110 [4/25/01] A 44-year-old woman reported severe diarrhea, gas, bloating, and abdominal cramping subsequent to eating about 20 Fat Free Pringles. She experienced severe diarrhea for a week. She visited her doctor who scheduled her for a hemorrhoidectomy due to her anus having turned “inside out” from the irritation. She was also experiencing the beginnings of a fistula. During the procedure, a portion of her rectum was removed. She had internal hemorrhoids prior to eating the chips, but is certain the severe problems were directly related to them.

#7-86 [3/9/01] A 29-year-old woman reported severe abdominal pain after eating a bag of Ruffles Cheddar chips with olestra. She had to leave work due to the severity of the pain. During her two mile walk home, she felt she was going to vomit and pass out.

#7-77 [2/22/01] A mother reported that her 4-year-old son experienced vomiting, couldn’t control his bowels, and soiled his clothing 12 hours after eating Lay’s regular chips with olestra. She stated that he soiled 4 sets of clothing in 3 hours.

#7-55 [12/15/00] A 51-year-old woman reported severe gas and abdominal cramps after eating approximately 15 to 20 Lay’s potato chips with olestra. She thought she was having a heart attack and went to the emergency room. The visit cost her $410.00.

#7-53 [12/12/00] A 43-year-old woman reported severe diarrhea, gas, and abdominal cramping. She also soiled her clothing. She had been eating chips with olestra as part of her diet and had been experiencing pain and gas ever since she began.

#7-42 [10/10/00] A 54-year-old man reported severe diarrhea and abdominal cramps after eating Pringles containing olestra. He had eaten them over a 16-day period but the symptoms did not subside for over a month after discontinuing them. He visited the emergency room when the pain became severe and was forced to take sick-leave from work.

#7-19 [8/22/00] A mother reported that her 7-year-old son had severe nausea, gas, abdominal cramps, and fecal urgency after eating Pringles and Lay’s potato chips containing olestra. Additionally, she reported he was unable to eat anything for a week.


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